Irish Wind
Empowering the Future


Aniar Offshore Array is a renewable energy development off the northwest coast of Ireland.

We are a forward-thinking Irish collective dedicated to the development of the offshore wind potential of our Island.

The renowned force of our westerly winds provides us with an effective renewable energy source and our aim is to capture this power and bring it home to you.

By supporting Aniar Offshore Array, an Irish owned project, we can reduce our reliance on fossil fuel and create a clean, renewable and resilient energy resource to support Irish growth, in turn improving the environment and creating a better world for future generations.

The Project

Aniar Offshore Array is preparing to investigate the feasibility of developing an Offshore Windfarm off the coast of Sligo/Leitrim/Donegal. To carry out the necessary survey work, Aniar Offshore Array has submitted a Foreshore Investigatory Licence Application and supporting documentation to the Marine Planning and Foreshore Section of the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government. This licence, if granted, will last for 5 years.

About the Overall Project

The Aniar Offshore Array Project contains a mixture of fixed and floating wind turbines, located off the northwest coast of Ireland, predominately of the coast of counties Sligo and Donegal. Both array sites are within the 12NM limit, with the fixed array site 8.5km and the floating array site 14km from the shore at the nearest point. The size of the fixed array site is c.120 . The size of the floating array site is c.180. The overall size of the Aniar Turbine Array is expected to be c. 300km2.

Offshore Array team

Planning Stage

This project is currently in the planning stage and is, therefore subject to change. The application for a Foreshore Investigatory Licence is not a development application. If granted, this licence will allow the project team to further refine the site choice and to carry out surveys considered necessary to properly assess the viability of the project across a spectrum of technical, environmental, social and economic factors.

The extent of the total area (“the investigation area”) within which surveys are to be conducted is c.616 km2.  This area is appropriately described as the “investigation area” because it is the area within which Aniar Offshore Array seeks to conduct all investigations appropriate for developing a wind farm proposal.  The investigation area is not to be taken to be, or to represent, any actual wind farm site, and it must be understood that no structural development of any nature will take place at this stage of the Project.